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2-D adventures of Rando and Balduckie

This comic is about a cat and a duck, along with a few others.

Welcome to 2-D adventures of Rando and Balduckie

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January 7th, 2010, 10:02 pm

Oh wow

Its almost been 2 years since I last touched this comic! Oh my gosh, I'm sorry! DX If I have time, I'll post some new Rando and Balduckies sometime after January 10th, because I have an anime convention between that time.

And whats this? 0 fans? YOU GAIS BREAK MY HEART. D8

One of the only reasons I've come back to this was because I am doing a Character Info Meme on dA and I decided to do Rando and Balduckie Character infos. Here is Balduckie's:

1.) I once discovered a starnge little figure of a white duck without legs. It also wore a top-hat and had several peices of holly around it. Sometimes I would call it Balduckie. Later, when I was thinking of ideas for comic characters, I stole that name back from years ago to name Balduckie. A year ago, when I was creating the Rando and Balduckie WebComic on SmackJeeves, I decided he needed a last name. I quickly devised a simple last name, McQuack.
2.) I made this character to be a representative for my comic ideas as the "Annoying character that everyone loves".
3.) To get the idea of Balduckie's eyes, I had been into the Kirby series recently. Seing Kirby in Rock form with his eyes closed gave me the idea for Balduckie's eyes. They don't give off much expression, but thats one of the unique things about him. I haven't drawn him any other way for years.
4.) He sticks to anything like a fly on a cupcake that has the word "lol" in the front. He's a fan of many of the "lol" productions, such as "Lol Mart", "Lol Railways", and "Lol Museam". His favorite food is the Canadian pastry kniwn as a Beaver Tail and his favorite past time is irritating Rando. At night, he works secretly as a secret agent, and thats why he has such long vacations.

And Rando's.

1.) I thought of his name from the words "Random" and took off the m. When I was designing the SmackJeeves site for Rando and Balduckie, I needed to give Rando a last name. Since he was orange, I thought of Orange Crush, so I made his last name Crush.
2.) I made this character to be a representative for my comic ideas as the "Angry character that gets tortured a lot".
3.) I was in my Warriors craze back then for the first time, and I loved cats. So Rando, being an orange cat, was not hard to see as being the teased one. I gave him a unibrow to give him this trademark sense of "angryness". He hasn't changed a lot since then.
4.) He likes drinking tea and sitting n his giant chair so he feels like he's top of the world. But he feels that Balduckie is pushing him off the chair.

I hope SOMEONE enjoyed this update. 8D

October 24th, 2008, 8:19 am

Rando & Balduckie: Now Online!

With the help of Smack Jeeves, I have sucsessfully got my cartoon characters, Rando & Balduckie, on the iternets! :D

I have uploaded some of my black and white comics, but the rest I promise will be in color.


Rando Crush (Orange cat)
Balduckie McQuack (Yellow duck with slit eyes)
Jack Dukko (Yellow duck with eyepatch)
Gellard Spiff (Acid yellow duck with hair spikes)
Katie Chatal (Brown cat)
Pajama Bear (Brown bear with light blue pajamas)

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